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How to Plan The Perfect Lake Minnetonka Wedding Cruise

Are you wanting to plan a wedding cruise no one will forget?

Wedding cruises offer a magical ceremony option to couples. Say “I do” with a sparkling waterfront behind you and dance the night away under an extraordinary spread of stars.

Plus, your guests can enjoy cruise line amenities and a mini getaway of their own to celebrate your future.

If you’ve chosen to plan your wedding cruise on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka, you’re in for an unforgettable day. Read on for your guide to planning the wedding cruise of your dreams.

1. Hire a Cruise Coordinator

One of the best ways to ensure that you have the wedding cruise of your dreams is to hire a coordinator. Your Lake Minnetonka charter service may already have a designated coordinator from the start to assist you with all of the details.

As you are arranging details with the cruise line, make sure to ask about such coordinator services. If a coordinator is not available, we recommend hiring a coordinator or wedding planner who can assist actively with the planning process.

A coordinator will make sure that everything goes as planned so that you can spend more time on more important details–such as choosing that dress, booking hair appointments, and sending out invitations.

2. Choose the Ideal Time and Date

Because wedding cruises take your ceremony to the waterfront, it’s important to pick a seasonably appropriate time and date for your wedding. Book the time and date well in advance, particularly if you are booking during peak season.

Choose from warmer weather months that will also be least likely to involve rain. Consider sunset times if you are looking to have an evening wedding. Also, check in with the cruise line to see if it offers only certain windows for wedding cruises.

Lastly, try to book a date that is not in the middle of traditional vacations. You’ll want as many of your guests as possible to be available.

3. Inspect the Boat

If you are hiring a smaller charter service for your wedding cruise, ask if it’s possible to view the ceremony space and boat beforehand. After all, this is going to be where you exchange your lifelong vows!

Make sure you inspect the quality of the boat, reception area, and ceremony site. Pay attention to the colors of the boat so that you can coordinate color themes easily later.

If you are unable to tour the boat, ask for pictures and images of its layout.

4. Build an Appropriate Color Scheme

There’s nothing better than a gleaming lake surface as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony. When you are planning your wedding colors, keep this natural environment in mind. You may even want to work with a “water” color scheme.

Color schemes that work well with this include hues of blue, white, gold, and emerald. Take pictures of the boat and refer to these as you are building your themes.

Some charter services like Wayzata Bay Charters include flowers and linens in their wedding packages. Make sure you have a conversation with the cruise coordinator about colors and styles.

When choosing invitations and save the dates, consider using a nautical theme. Some couples choose to decorate the reception area with images of anchors, sand, etc.

5. Coordinate Pictures

You’ll definitely want to document your magical night on Lake Minnetonka, so plan where and when you’d like to take pictures.

Some couples prefer to take pictures immediately after the ceremony and on board. Depending on the time and day, others prefer to take pictures before the ceremony on land.

Speak with your partner first about preferences, and also have a conversation with the cruise coordinator to determine the best photo opportunities.

6. Think of Your Guests

Your guests are an integral part of your wedding ceremony, so keep them in mind as you are planning your wedding cruise. Some wedding cruise packages include favors for your guest.

Perhaps you want to go the extra mile and arrange special seating and programs for your guests. Or maybe you would like to arrange a cocktail hour the day before the wedding cruise–maybe even a wedding brunch following the cruise!

Think about what would make your guests’ experience as magical as yours.

7. Consider the Extras

If you are purchasing a wedding package from a charter service, ask about what extras or add-ons are available. These may be offered during the duration of the ceremony and reception, or could include additional entrees and drinks. Ask about feasibility and cost of extras.

The right cruise line will be accommodating of your wishes and will be able to assist you in building the wedding day of your dreams.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

In order to ensure a perfect Lake Minnetonka wedding cruise, practice, practice, practice. Arrange a rehearsal of the ceremony itself and brief all wedding party members on any new details that arise before the special day.

Some charter services will allow you to practice on the boat itself. Speak to the cruise coordinator about this first.

At the end of the day, the perfect wedding cruise is a well-rehearsed one. It’s important for you to feel comfortable with how everything is going to take place.

Planning the Perfect Lake Minnetonka Wedding Cruise

You deserve to plan the wedding of your dreams, and why not plan a wedding cruise on Lake Minnetonka? Wedding cruises create an unforgettable, elegant environment for the celebration of your love and are affordable for everyone.

To plan the perfect wedding cruise, take your time and hire a coordinator to assist with the details. Make your color selections based off of a waterfront theme, and make sure you inspect the boat before you make a purchase decision. Be clear on cost and make sure you practice the ceremony specifics beforehand!

At the end of the day, communicate with your wedding party and cruise coordinator so that everyone knows exactly how the ceremony will proceed.

At Wayzata Bay Charters, we have been creating memorable Lake Minnetonka experiences for years. Our wedding packages are offered at affordable prices and are all-inclusive. Contact us today to book your cruise package or to learn more!

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